Harness the Power of Data

Unified data becomes valuable information.
Valuable information leads to better decisions and outcomes.

Modern data ecosystem

Synerio is a multi-faceted data ecosystem that streamlines the data experience to help businesses of every size create value from the seamless flow of data. We empower people across roles and industries to transform the way they use data.


Synerio makes data easy

Using data to improve your business doesn’t have to be difficult. No need to rely on data scientists or wait for IT backlogs to access insights. Synerio provides data infrastructure and analytics to unify and enhance data from disparate sources. We make the whole process easy so anyone can gain insights and find answers quickly without any data expertise. Synerio meets or exceeds privacy and security best practices and regulations including role-based access and HIPAA compliance.


Make data an asset

There are unlimited possibilities when you harness the power of your data. Start with a high-level view, then delve into the details. As you dig deeper, the data becomes a catalyst for action. Use these insights to improve your business. Make data an asset that you can monetize as a product for your customers, users and partners.


Synerio Features

Synerio is a unified data ecosystem that combines all of your data needs in one, easy-to-use platform.

Ingest, Integrate, & Store
Unify all of your data sources

 icon If you’re like the rest of the world, your data lives in various disparate applications, locations, and databases. Unify virtually any data source. It’s even simple to blend CSV and Excel files into the mix. Store your data with security and scalability at an affordable cost. Read more.
Analyze & Present
Discover and visualize insights with dashboards and reports

 icon Create your own dashboards or utilize the power of our professional services team. Already using a visualization tool like Tableau or PowerBI? Let us embed them in Synerio to make your data life easier. Extend the functionality of existing tools and integrate with our self-service technology to unleash the power of data to all users in your organization. Read more.
Share content with users both in and out of your organization

 icon Employees and customers can subscribe to receive report updates via email, even if they’re not a user on our platform. Sent from your branded email address.
Leverage AI

Ask questions in natural language

 icon Knowing SQL shouldn’t be a requirement for working with data in raw format. Unleash the power of AI on your data structure in a secure and compliant environment. Ask data questions or request reports in simple and natural terms. Read more.
Data expertise at your service

 icon From self-service to white glove professional consulting, you pick the level of service that meets your needs. Our staff of experts has been working with data for decades and are here to help you go from a data dream to beautiful vision.