Synerio Secure FAQ

Why am I unable find the Synerio Secure application in the Apple Store or Google Play?

Please ensure you are spelling of Synerio Secure properly.

Why am I getting a “Cannot read RFID error”?

Please verify that your ID has an RFID chip like those found in US passports or passport cards. Note that some documents with embedded chips must be open for the chip to be read. Other documents may need to be closed. Please also ensure that your document is placed on the phone as shown in the image displayed on your device.

Why can I not access or change my birthdate?

Birthdates are read automatically from your government IDs and cannot be modified.

Why does Synerio Secure say may image is too blurry to take a selfie?

Several factors may play into this error. Please ensure that your camera lens is clean and that you have suitable lighting, which is not too dark or too bright. Zooming in too close to your face may also cause this error.  Additionally, accessories such as glasses, hats and headphones may interfere with the reading of your biometric features. If you encounter this error while wearing any of these, please try again after removing them.

Why did I not receive an application verification email?

Please verify the email address you provided in the application and check your junk folder for an email from If your email address is correct and you do not see the email in your junk folder then notify us at

Why do I encounter “Invalid Login” when attempting to sign into Synerio Secure?

The email and password that you provided do not match what we have on file. Please verify the information you entered is accurate. If the email address you entered is correct then please use the “Forgot your password?” link to reset you password.

Why does Synerio Secure say my ID does not have the required security?

For Synerio Secure to verify an ID, the identification you provide needs to have a picture of you, your first and last name, date of birth, expiration date, country name, and identification number. We recommend using a driver’s license or passport. If this is not possible then another identification meeting these requirements may be used.

Why am I receiving an error messages stating “Email not validated”?

As part of the account creation process, an email is sent to your account from to verify your email address was entered correctly. Please locate this email and click on the “Verify Email Address” link. Note the email may be in your junk folder.

Why can I not take a picture of my ID or a selfie?

During the setup process you likely declined access for Synerio Secure to use your device’s camera. Please access the device settings, look for the Synerio Secure application, and allow access to the camera.

Why am I getting an error message stating “This phone is already attached to another email”?

This error message typically occurs when a new phone is used and a user attempts to add a new Synerio Secure account rather than logging in. If this is the case, please exit the new account creation process and log in using your email and password.

Why does my GPS show me at the North Pole?

This occurs when the user declines location sharing with Synerio Secure. Please visit your device settings and allow Synerio Secure to use your location.

What should I do after receiving a notification message asking me to verify my ID?

Open the notification and follow the instructions on your phone to complete the verification process.

How do I access the identification verification request if I dismissed the notification?

Log into Synerio Secure and select the Authorizations tile to view any pending identification verification requests.

How can I see a history of my ID requests?

Please select the Notifications tile from the Synerio Secure application to review a history of previous ID requests.

If I lose my device, is my Synerio Secure data still secure?

For anyone to access your data they would need either your email/password or your biometric data to access your Synerio Secure account. If your device is lost or stolen, then you can simply download Synerio Secure to your new device and login using your credentials.

How do I change the default language of Synerio Secure?

Synerio Secure will default to the language that is set on your device. However, you can change the default language for Synerio Secure in the Settings menu.

How do I update my ID in Synerio Secure to replace or update an expired or out of date ID?

Go to the Document Vault within Synerio Secure and click “Add New Document”. Then choose the current document which you wish to use as your primary ID and press “Select”.

How do I change the email address linked to my Synerio Secure account?

Go to Settings within Synerio Secure and then select the “Change email” option.

Where is my data stored?

During the onboarding process, your data is encrypted and shared with our Advanced Artificial Intelligence system to confirm and accept your ID and other biometrics. Once these tasks are completed, your photo ID and biometrics are removed from all locations except from your own mobile device where it is securely stored.

How can I see my personal data Synerio Secure has access to?

Synerio Secure has access to the ID documents which you save to your device. These documents are visible in the Document Vault within the application. Additionally, Synerio Secure also has access to information viewable under the Settings and Profile screens.

Who can see my information?

Only you can see your information unless you choose to share it.  Each instance where a company requests to see your physical ID or any other information will be presented to you for confirmation.

How can I remove my information?

If you wish to remove your data, then simply access the Settings within Synerio Secure and press the “Delete My Account” button.

How do I get additional help for Synerio Secure?

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