Meet the EHR Data Team: Cheryl Jorgenson, PharmD, MS. CSP, Chief Clinical Officer

Cheryl’s dedication to life-long learning makes her ideally suited to oversee clinical programs with an eye for innovation. A passionate patient advocate with over 25 years of pharmacy experience, Cheryl believes that, “If we can educate patients to be more in charge of their own healthcare, they will demand to be first.” Though she initially pursued a biology degree, an early pharmacy job and an encouraging mentor set her on the pharmacy path.

Cheryl has spent her time at PDX, Inc. playing a significant role working alongside development and design teams to produce clinical solutions for pharmacy and is continuing that effort for EHR Data, Inc. Her distinguished career also includes being twice recognized, both in 2019 and in 2020 by The Healthcare Technology Report’s Top 25 Women Leaders in Healthcare Software.

It’s About What Pharmacy Can Be

Portrait of Cheryl Jorgenson

Cheryl Jorgenson, PharmD, MS. CSP

An early position at a small drugstore owned by the then president of NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) gave Cheryl a glimpse at the “bigger picture of what pharmacy could be…outside of retail and hospital.” This combined with her drive to give back to the community-led her to work in PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management) where she hoped for a more patient-centered approach. In this capacity, she met and partnered with a nurse who had opened a pharmacy for people with bleeding disorders. In her early experiences, Cheryl found that patients didn’t “even know the names of their medications or what they’re used for, in a true sense.” The rewards of helping vulnerable patients taught her that “the healthcare industry as a whole can educate patients on the basics and go from there.”

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