Meet the EHR Data Team: Ron Austring, Chief Scientist & Consultant

Ron Austring is a man of many interests and talents. An avid sailor who has spent significant time living aboard his sailboat, Ron now channels his passion and awe for nature into his self-sufficient modern hydroponic farm where he uses elements of nature efficiently. Ron is a master of efficient systems whether he’s on the waves, on the farm, or on a computer.

The founder and co-founder of several software companies including Zadall Systems Group, Inc., G/H Plus Pharmacy Systems, American Data Systems, PDX Inc., RxStudio, and, Ron has brought his talents once again to system design and development for EHR Data. Ron approaches all of his work in the pharmacy industry with one focus: Patient Safety. He is well known to comment, “If it’s not good for the patient, it’s not good for us.”

Headshot of Ron Austring

Ron Austring, Chief Scientist & Consultant

As a sought-after speaker and panelist at technology conferences around the world, Ron speaks about the next steps in blockchain and healthcare technology. Ron has a wealth of experience and a brilliant ability to take a seed—an idea, a need, a better way of making a system work—and nurturing that seed to fruition. We are honored to have Ron at the core of our mission to decentralize patient data and put control into the patient’s hands.