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God of War

If the flaw’s wasn’t as strong as they are this would be a masterpiece. All the little details like how there isn’t an edit or crazy long load times, it’s just a long story. Every mob is fun besides the witches. The conversations between characters are also incredible.

by BananaPeelSlipper

Red Dead Redemption 2

Having never played the original RDR I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this game but what I got was pure and utter emotion and captivation. RDR2 is an insanely good game, almost essentially perfect. Arthur Morgan is such a perfect character, and the story we go through with him possibly makes him one of the greatest of all time. I really can’t say anything bad about this.

by Gamer_Guy22

Elden Ring

Sometimes more is more. What’s most impressive for me about Elden Ring is that it feels surprisingly finished, while delivering a fantasy world that is more multifaceted than anything I’ve seen before. Every newly discovered chunk of the map is a sight to behold, the sheer mass of unique small and big vistas and moments is unbelievable and irresistible.
Elden Ring is a graceful behemoth of a game that presents itself with such a naturalness and serenity that one sometimes forgets just how much incredible work was done to make it reality.

by No_way_Jose

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Diablo 4 Players Will Be Able To Explore The Dungeon Seen In Announcement Cinematic

A new trailer for Diablo IV highlights the dark beauty of the game’s world of Sanctuary and all the activities players will be able to discover within it, which includes exploring the dungeon seen in the game’s announcement cinematic…

EA Sports PGA Tour Promises Realism “Down To The Blade Of Grass”; 30 Courses Revealed

EA Sports has announced all 30 courses that will be included in EA Sports PGA Tour when it launches this March and also provided some insight into the lengths the developer went to as part of its effort to accurately depict courses and make them true-to-life…

Magic: The Gathering’s Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-Earth Expansion First Details Revealed

Hot off the heels of MagicCon Philadelphia, Wizards Of The Coast has announced the first details for Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-earth, a brand-new expansion set featuring characters, locations, and events from J.R.R. Tolkien’s massive saga…

Among Us X Destiny 2 Collab Teased On Twitter

Among Us social media teased a collaboration with Destiny 2 with a cryptic image. When this collab is coming and what it will consist of is unknown, but the image implies an association with the soon-to-be-released Lightfall expansion…

Where’s The Next Mario Game? Miyamoto Responds

Nintendo’s iconic Mario series hasn’t seen a new entry in what might be understood to be the main series since Super Mario Odyssey, which launched to great acclaim in 2017 for the Switch. Fans are wondering when they might get the next installment in the core series. Shigeru Miyamoto, who created Mario, gave fans a small update in a new interview with IGN…

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