EHR Data Wavemakers: Join the Movement

You’ve heard us say own your health plenty of times. But, what does it mean to actually own your health?

To us, owning your health means having complete ownership and access to all your health data. Being able to access your information easily, timely, and securely allows you to have a comprehensive view of your health at your fingertips. When you have the big picture right in front of you, you can truly become the author of your health story. 

When you own your health, not only do you have complete control over your data, but you choose who can access that data, such as providers, researchers, and other healthcare professionals.  

Look at it this way: A patient with a fair amount of digitally stored healthcare history can share data with their various healthcare providers and have peace of mind knowing their providers have their whole clinical story. While another patient, who doesn’t carry any of their medical history, digital or not, is left with providers making uninformed decisions around fragments of the patient’s clinical story. 

What’s stopping you from owning your health data? 

Today, your health data is spread out across medical centers, hospitals, pharmacies, private practices, pharmaceutical companies, the government, and dozens more places, none of which is in your hands. This data is harbored in disparate systems that do not communicate with each other, making the exchange of healthcare information burdensome and inefficient.  

For example, if a patient is transported to the emergency room but the treating doctor does not have that patient’s medical history on hand, the doctor will have to rely on the patient to verbally communicate their history or wait for records to be sent over from another provider’s office and depend on the accuracy and depth of that shared information. During this process, precious time is lost, and mistakes are more likely to be made. It is high time that the healthcare industry actively works toward implementing a solution to achieve interoperability (the ability to exchange and use information between separate systems) 

Why should you own your health data? 

Like water, your data is everywhere. It is all around us, being generated all the time. New data is made anytime you surf the web, online shop, log in to an app, and especially when you go to the doctor. The latter is some, if not the most important data you generate and yet is some of the hardest data to get a hold of! 

The current methods of sharing data are outdated, slow, and inefficient. It involves lots of paper, faxing, phone calls, and so on. If you can transfer money at the click of a button, shouldn’t you be able to transfer your health data just as easily?  

What can you do? 

Technologies are in the works to help merge the healthcare information that’s kept in disparate systems today. However, it is often not a priority of healthcare software providers or related entities that maintain patient data to move in the direction of interoperability. With the EHR Data Wavemakers movement, we are asking you to be a #Wavemaker with us and demand change. It is time the technology and healthcare companies truly make patient safety the top priority, and that begins with allowing patients to own their data.  

Your personal stories are what push the conversation forward and inspire action. Share your stories today by using the hashtag #myEHRstory on social media and you could be featured on our feed!  

Here is what you can do: 

Share a photo with a caption or short video that describes a time when you or a loved one encountered an issue with the following: 

  • Retrieving your health records or similar information from a doctor’s office, hospital, pharmacy, clinic, etc. 
  • A break in communication between providers or healthcare facilities caused a negative effect on the care you or your loved one received. 
  • If you had access to all of your healthcare information in one digital location, how would that have helped mitigate the problem? How could it help moving forward? 

If you do not wish to share your story online, there are several other ways you can help change the tides on data sharing:  

  • Spread the message of patient data ownership 
  • Spark the conversation with friends, family, coworkers, and your healthcare providers 
  • Start questioning the system. “How can I get my data today?” “Why is it like that?” “How can it be made easier?”  

What are we doing at EHR Data? 

At EHR Data, we care about people, plain and simple. That is why patient safety is the driving force behind everything we do. Like you, we have loved ones navigating an increasingly complex world of healthcare where efficient record sharing is not the norm. Technology in healthcare should be a leading force and not an afterthought. Our goal is to facilitate the delivery of better health outcomes for every single person 

As a team of healthcare and technology professionals who are fed up with the status quo, we seek to change the way healthcare is approached by introducing the first data platform that places the control and ownership in the patient’s hands. When there is one access point for all your healthcare data your providers, pharmacists, clinical researchers, and public health officials can make better, more informed decisions on your behalf. To receive the best care, you need the whole picture in real-time and immediately accessible by YOU.  If it’s not good for the patient, it’s not good for us. 

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