Company Update: April 2021

Sharpened Focus

The opioid proof of concept in Missouri has been sidelined due to numerous obstacles outside the scope of EHR Data’s current influence. The suspension of this project does not change our vision to develop the first ever blockchain-based health record that the patient owns, controls, and permissions.

We deeply believe in our overarching mission. The last few months have afforded us the opportunity to focus 100% on developing the tools for a global patient platform. Now, we are searching for those data partners and industry leaders who are ready to join us to change the world of patient care.

As we have learned time and time again, we cannot be the only ones demanding the participation of major healthcare corporations. It will take a groundswell of people: patients, providers, corporate leaders, policymakers, to push for a new norm of people owning their health data. We are all affected.

As patients, we should not have multiple logins to dozens of portals. We should not have to play phone tag or shuffle paper copies to share records between providers. We should be able to access every diagnosis, prescription, test result, treatment, etc. that we’ve been given–ever. It’s OUR data, it’s already out there, and we should have the easiest access to it.

Join the movement – EHR Data Wavemakers

Join us in changing the standards of health data by sharing your #myEHRstory and telling us about a time when you experienced obstacles retrieving/accessing your data or gaps in communication between providers that affected the care you received. Tell us how having all of your health data in one digital location can benefit you!

We know from the past that if we stay silent, nothing will ever change. Help us change the tides in healthcare and become a #Wavemaker.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead


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